Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching Up

Clearly a bit of time has passed since my last posting.

We've been busy with family visits primarily, so probably not much of interest to anyone other than family. Have done a lot of touring around with my Uncle Curtis, which has been fun.

Visiting my uncle and sister entails travelling between Swan Lake, which is located on the northern outskirts of Vernon, all the way to either Rutland or Kelowna. With traffic and construction (which is nuts ALL THE TIME by the way), it can take us anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes to reach our destination.

The trade-off, however, is the drive itself, which is absolutely beautiful. The scenary between Vernon and Kelowna is unbelievable - Kalamalka Lake and the Okanagan hills are something you never tire of seeing. I'll post some pictures when I have a chance to pull over safely and take a few shots. The shot below is the view looking down from the hills towards Swan Lake.

To my running buddies, Terry and I have managed to fit in a few runs here.

The last run we went up the hills across the highway from the resort as we thought it would be a more scenic run.

Once we dragged our butts UP, UP, UP (with me bitching the entire time) to the summit, it was a beautiful view.

I had to take a picture of this neat store that we ran by - very ' quaint', as Terry put it.

For those interested. gas in Kelowna yesterday was $1.20.4/litre. Nice to see the gas going down (good for our travels), however, with the dollar taking such a dive it's a little depressing to think we're going to be spending two months in the U.S. pretty soon. Please economy - perk up!!

Norma, myself and visiting Brenda Hochstein did a little wine tour last Saturday - hit the Arrowleaf and Grey Monk wineries, while the boys golfed. Arrowleaf is a smaller winery, but we did manage to purchase (after a great number of samplings) a few select bottles for our (short lived) collections. We then 'lunched' at Grey Monk, which was great.

Last night was Kyle Duncan's birthday, and they had a bash at their place. Norma hired the chef from The Rise to cook the meal, and fifteen of us enjoyed an unbelievable feast.
Thai prawns the size of your fist, crab claws, stuffed beef, hot chili prawns, hot fresh bread, triple chocolate mousse ..... needless to say we all needed our 'stretchy pants' by the time the evening was over.

Chef Maurice then entertained us with his fiddling skills. Hailing from Nova Scotia, you can imagine the toe-tapping and jigging that took place.

Other than that, life in the RV park is quite pleasant, albeit a contrast.

The highway in front of us never sleeps - a constant rush of vehicles and ever-present vehicle noise. The lakeside is the complete opposite - usually so calm you can see and even hear the fish jumping. The lake is quiet - used only by the odd fisherman and training ground for the local rowing club.
When I lived in Kelowna many centuries ago, we looked down on such a lake. Your perspective changes quite dramatically when you live in Central Alberta. A lake such as this would be a treasure to live near!

When we first arrived here, we were in the midst of indian summer - sitting outside watching the sunset with a drink in hand and wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Now there is a definite chill in the air, the mornings are downright frosty, and we're wearing our fleece. This reminds us of why we are on this trek - heading for warmer pastures down south!

We're staying here until Thursday, and then heading down to the coast to visit my brothers and sister. Praying it isn't rainy....
Heard from Lyle in Germany today. Things are going well, and it appears he has easily assimilated into the local social scene. Many parties, many friends, and picking up the German slowly but steadily. For those interested, he has his own blog:
We're off to my sister Sheila's for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It is a fantastic fall day today, so we'll take a leisurely tour around the other side of the lake and take Uncle Curtis out for an early supper. Till next time.

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