Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full Moon and Election Night!

The full moon is rising over the mountains, and the polls are soon closing.

This is the first time Terry and I have not exercised our democratic rights and cast our ballot. Unfortunately, we were not able to get our 'poop in a group' and arrange to vote while away from our home riding.

The only consolation is that our strong Conservative riding (Wildrose) will not require our two votes. Congratulations to Blake Richards! Unfortunately, it appears at this point in time that Quebec voters have defunked the Conservatives' bid for a majority. At least the Liberals lost seats - ha!
Terry and I took a scenic backroads drive to Kelowna the other day. We drove the scenic 'Old Fintry Road' and stopped to tour Fintry Provincial Park. I spent many summers camping there when I was a kid.

It is still a beautiful spot, and its designation as a provincial park has allowed it to escape the inevitable development that is starting to surround it.

The park has a fascinating history (http://www.freespiritbc.ca/peopleshistory/stories/default.aspx?id=134), and many buildings of historical merit. This is a picture of the old cannery, which was the site of Saturday night bashes when we camped there.

We had the motorhome in for some 'cosmetic touch-ups' today, and while we waited for our home on wheels, we joined the Duncan's for a pint at the Blue Heron Pub, and took a spin in their 26' cabin cruiser.

It was a beautiiful day (as long as we avoided looking at the dusting of snow on the nearby hills) and the lake was like glass. Later, Terry helped Kyle take the boat off the lake and move it to storage for the winter.

Here's a picture of a commercial shrimp boat that was moored nearby.
I didn't know that you could find shrimp in Okanagan Lake - apparently they were introduced to the lake in 1966 in an effort to bump up the food supply for Kokanee salmon. As is often the case with the introduction of non-native species, the opposite occurred. I believe that the shrimp are being harvested for pet food.

Tomorrow the motorhome goes in for its first full service, so we're 'houseless' for a while again. We have experienced mechanical issues with the back tipout, so are waiting for parts to come in for the repair. We had planned on leaving Vernon on Thursday, but will likely have to put that off until Friday or later, depending upon how successful the repair process goes!
We'll keep you posted.

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