Friday, October 17, 2008

Goodbye Okanagan - Hello West Coast!

It's Friday night at Swan Lake, and we're saying goodbye to the Okanagan, and heading off for the West Coast tomorrow.

We've been here for three weeks - how time flies! I'm feeling a little sad to leave the place. The Okanagan is unquestionably beautiful - the lakes, the hillside set against the fall colors, and the resistant flowers that continue to bloom.

It's been fun; we've had a lot of time to visit family and friends, met some new friends, golfed some awesome courses, hoisted beers at some great neighbourhood pubs (B.C. does GREAT pubs!), and did a little touring.

The picture above was taken at my sister's place - Uncle Curtis, Nicky, Sheila, Brandy and Marissa after our dinner the other evening.

We saw an incredible sight at the lake tonight. There was a huge flock of birds (1000+) that moved through the air performing maneuvers we couldn't believe. They moved like one unit - collapsing, expanding, and undulating in amazing patterns. A camera could not capture this phenomenon, so no pictures to share.

The next leg of our journey beckons, and we're off to visit more family, wander through places from my childhood, and explore new areas of the coast that we haven't seen.

We're stopping at Merritt on the way. My stepsister Mara-Lee lives there, and, after reconnecting on Facebook, we have made plans to stop for lunch and a visit. In all honesty I cannot remember the last time we saw each other, so this should be an interesting catch-up for both of us!

Our good friends the Reimer's have given us a heads up about border crossing. Apparently some full-time RV'ers have been experiencing difficulty crossing into the U.S. They recommended that we arm ourselves with evidence that we have a residence back in Canada that we will be returning to. Phone and utility bills, bank statements, property tax assessments - these are the things that we should gather.

Great! Here we are with a house on wheels and feeling pretty 'footloose and fancy free', and these sentiments could be a huge strike against us in the eyes of the border guards!

Cross your fingers for us - it would be a drag to have made all of these plans and have them dashed by some overeager border guard feeling that he is protecting the U.S. of A. against us indigents!

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