Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off to Sun Peaks Resort and Life at Swan Lake

On Monday Terry, Norma, Kyle and myself travelled to Sun Peaks Resort (outside of Kamloops - formerly Todd Mountain) for a golf getaway. We had one night's accommodation at the Delta Hotel and a round of golf on their course booked.

Sun Peaks is quite a neat little village. There are a number of restaurants and bars, but as we were in the shoulder season, it was very quiet and a good number of these venues were closed.

Weather was warm, and surroundings beautiful. Not as scenic as The Rise, but very interesting to see a couse built around the ski hill. Many, many homes and condos around the course as well. When we checked in, we were warned that the front nine was very narrow, and that breaking a window at any of the residences would set us back $10,000. We took this tidbit of information with a large grain of salt.

Once again, we gave away a lot of balls to the course, but it was still an enjoyable round. I'd like to come back at ski season and check out the runs - they look awesome, and we were told that the hill is noted for its powder.

Back to Swan Lake, and we are still sorting ourselves out and settling in. Received an e-mail from a friend who appeared concerned that this blog would degenerate into reporting on 'when we pooped and what we watched on Oprah that day'. Will definitely avoid that scene, and will try to stay away from posting pictures of the cats in their halloween outfits and such, and stick to more palatable reporting!

Last night we had cocktail hour with our good neighbors across the street, Norm and Jan Reimer. These two are fulltime RV'ers (have done so for the past 18 years, and loving every minute of it)! They filled us in on many of the tips and pitfalls of RV'ing, and the many different places they have travelled over the years.

Tonight we're off for cocktail hour with the Reimers and the Peterman's! Yes, there is another Peterman family in the park. We're going to compare family trees and see if there is a connection somewhere.

Life is good in the park .... maybe we'll even be drafted for the Monday night Bocce tournament!

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