Thursday, November 6, 2008

Domestic Violence and a Goat to Boot!

Well, it poured rain all night long at the South Jetty RV Resort. Time to move on in search of the sunshine we had planned this entire trip around.
After reviewing our options last night, Terry decided that it was still in our best interest to follow Highway 101 south. He routed the destination of Klamath, California as being within our timeframe of 4-5 hours driving time, and this would put us in the Redwood Forest district.

We headed out at 11:00 a.m., with a light drizzle of rain, but at least it was warmer outside than in the past few days.

We drove through areas of large sand dunes to our west, but it was difficult to see much through the trees along the highway. Plus, it was quite foggy so our panoramic ocean views were quite limited, and fairly dreary. Thus, no great pictures to share with you on the blog.

One good thing, though - the highway is considerably better than what we travelled on prior to this. We were able to make decent time, and only made one real stop to take in a viewpoint and make a quick sandwich.

We were travelling through the South Coast, which is described as the more 'wilder side' of the Oregon Coast, with longer gaps between centres. You don't begin to experience the long stretches of magnificent coastal scenery until you reach Port Orford.
Terry took Molly out for some air at a viewpoint along that stretch. With the drizzling rain and gusting wind, she wasn't impressed with the experience!

As this was a driving day, we could only acknowledge the points of interest as we passed by them. Bandon by the Sea seemed to be a big area for sheep farms, and is the cranberry capital of Oregon. Just before we hit the California border, we drove through the 'Easter Lily Capital of the World' (didn't see any).

Then at the border - who knew! - we had to go through an inspection stop. Everyone crossing the border had to drive into a controlled area and speak with a border guard. What were they asking about? Fruits and vegetables again! Terry told the guard that we didn't have anything (a lie). Could have been busted again!! He also asked if we had any furniture in the trailer. Don't quite understand why (will investigate). We said no, but as we drove away, it both dawned on us that our motorhome itself contains quite a bit of furniture.

As we hit the Redwood Highway, the ocean calmed, and the misting rain and gusting wind quit. Hallelujah!

We drove into Klamath (part of California's Del Norte County) with no RV site booked. There were four options in the Passport America book (50% discount for us), so we narrowed it to two choices. When we hit the first choice, we found that it was closed for the season (rats!), so quickly phoned the second, (open, thank God) drove to it and set up camp.

Can only use two words to describe the scene we are living in for the next two nights .... 'hill', and 'billy'.
There is reserve land around us, which shows. I saw a car with I swear a tree growing in it. Will try to stop and take a picture tomorrow. The camp is very rudimentary with minimal occupants. It would appear that a few, if not all of these occupants call this park their home.

Terry was not able to make our Bell TV satellite dish sync up, so no television for us for the next two nights. Fear not, though. We have been treated to a very dramatic and vocal 'domestic' scene just a stone's throw away from us that promises to keep us entertained.
So far, the way I understand it - she has "given him 8-1/2 years of her life". And, she "ain't never lied to him".
He, on the other hand, feels that "he ain't no dummy". And, he argues that he, too, "ain't never lied to her".

We can only hope that neither of them is sport'in any guns.
On the bright side, the nice hillbilly gentleman that runs the place clued us in on what appears to be some amazing hikes nearby, so we'll get ourselves out of camp tomorrow and do a little exploring.

Another bonus - they have a goat here!
Till tomorrow.

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