Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Final Days in Burnaby, B.C.

NOTE: This blog entry covers the period of October 28th - November 1st.

On Tuesday, October 28th, Terry and I drove partway up the Sea-To-Sky Highway to check out the highway improvements.
Another perfect west coast fall day – sunny, warm and the fall colours were amazing.

After a short jog up the highway, we travelled back to Horseshoe Bay and stopped in for a beer and a walk on the pier.

We had made arrangements to meet a friend in Horseshoe Bay for supper later that evening. Dean has been working on the Sea-To-Sky Highway project for the past four years, and was living on-site close by.

Since we had a lot of time until we met Dean, we toured around Horseshoe Bay and admired some of the unbelievable homes and their even more unbelievable views of the ocean.
We stumbled upon Light House Park, which has a 13 km. trail system, and is home to a very rare grove of old growth forest, arbutus trees, and the Point Atkinson Light House.

We weren’t really dressed for hiking, so took the shortest hike. Fantastic – like hiking through a ‘Lord of the Rings’ forest scene.
We came out to a scenic point overlooking the ocean. It was also a point used by rock climbers, so we snapped a shot of a couple of them climbing the rock face.

As planned, we met Dean for supper, and he later took us on a brief tour of some of the highway upgrades that he had been working on.

Our last days in Burnaby were spent visiting with family, another run along the Burnaby Lake trail, a bike ride on a portion of the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail, and a family supper at a great Chinese food restaurant in downtown Vancouver. We even managed to film a short instructional video on 3-way switches (ok people - it is the electrical type of 3-way - not the other kind!!) for our home wiring website.

And, unfortunately, the great weather that we had been experiencing up till now had to end. The rain, as predicted, started Thursday afternoon, with only a brief let-up on Friday night for Halloween. Thanks to brother Barry for the fireworks display at his house on Halloween night.

We had planned on leaving to cross the border on Sunday, November 2nd, so said our goodbye’s to everyone Saturday night. The west coast was great – even with the rain. The temperature outside was still warm, not a breath of wind with it, so you can still get outside and enjoy walking or running. And of course the ever-present green is just something you have to experience.

Goodbye to the 'Can' portion of our 'Canusamex' Travels!

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