Friday, November 7, 2008

Hiking Among the Giants

Woke up to beautiful sunshine and a blue sky - at last!

Our plan was to explore a couple of the sites recommended to us by our hillbilly RV site manager. Thinking we might attempt a run, I didn't bring my camera with me (foolish mistake). However, Terry did bring his phone with him, so have a couple of shots from his phone camera.

A 1.3 mile walk down the road brought us to a Native American ceremonial site. Actually quite interesting. We had been warned to treat it with respect, so did so.
The site was beside an incredible beach, and where the Klamath River meets the ocean.
We hiked down the beach to see it, as we had been told that with the salmon running, this was a gathering place for feeding seals and possibly whales.
We didn't see any whales (damn - where are those whales hiding!), but did see a few seals surfing through the crashing waves of the two water's meeting. We also saw a couple of Indians (oops, Native Americans) drift net fishing. Didn't see them bring anything in, but an interesting process to watch.

From there we walked up the Coastal Drive Road to Flint Ridge, and hiked the Coastal Trail. This 4.5 mile hike took us into the middle of an old growth Redwood forest.
It was amazing - a beautiful trail with beds of large ferns, moss covered trees and the amazing Redwoods. We never saw another soul, and the hike was so quiet - no bird noises - nothing. Very neat, and the green of the fern beds was almost unbelievable.

The hike took us over the other side of ridge and we had to walk another short bit to get us back to our RV site.
We walked a total of 3 hours, which almost killed Terry. Plus, we were probably the stupidest hikers ever. We didn't come prepared for a 4.5 mile hike - no compass or GPS, only one bottle of water, and no food. No wonder Terry almost died! Where was my seasoned hiker friend Lori, with her bag full of trail mix, granola bars and other great treats!

After reviving ourselves with a big brunch, we cleaned up and decided to head into Crescent City, which is located 20 miles north on Highway 101.
The town of Klamath (if it is a town), is very small with pretty minimal amenities, so we gave it a miss.
We managed to catch a beautiful sunset on the drive to Crescent City.
We needed to hit a grocery store and replenish supplies, and had planned on finding a beachfront establishment to partake of a beer and pub grub, but couldn't find anything noteworthy to stop at, so headed home instead.

Apparently Crescent City was struck by a tsunami after the Alaskan earthquake of 1964. There is supposed to be evidence of the wreckage, but we were unable to see anything in the dark.
However, it's time to move on. We're scratching our heads trying to map out our upcoming route, but it looks like tomorrow we'll travel to Santa Rosa - in Sonoma county.

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