Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Puerto Penasco

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the motorhome ....

We've got the Christmas tree 'up' and decorated, have hung our stockings, and will soon be grilling some fresh shrimp we bought at the fish market today. And we're thinking of all our family and friends, and missing them at this time of year - wish you could all be here with us (sorry, we don't want to be up there with you - not in THAT weather!!).

It's our third night in Puerto Penasco. So far, we've managed to fit in a run (toured the area nearby - as usual, your sharp contrast of luxury condo/resorts on one side, and very basic living conditions on the other), have met a bunch of our neighbours (very friendly American folk around here), went for supper with Jim and Nancy from Las Vegas. Discovered again why tequila is to be administered in small doses ONLY.
The RV park is the site of much commercial activity - you can get your RVs washed and waxed, get repairs of any kind to your RV or vehicle, get a pedicure, can purchase all sorts of Mexican food, can purchase may, many different kinds of trinkets, jewellery, artwork, etc. We've had our motorhome repaired (small ding from the border crossing in Langley) - good job and cheap! We're pricing out the cost to get our trailer painted/decal'd up to match our motorhome.
Today we drove into town to hit the grocery store and fish market. You can purchase fabulous freshly caught fish and shellfish - grouper, red snapper, sea bass, flounder, halibut, shrimp of every size, scallops, clams, oysters - and cheap. We'll be filling up on seafood while we're here.

Things should be quiet around here tomorrow, though. Christmas is a time for even the vendors to take a day off to spend time with their family.

And on that note, the following is a 'guest posting' from Terry.


Hello everyone, from Mexico!

It may be comforting for you up north, to know that down here, we are also having to cope with similar conditions as you are suffering this holiday season.

(Doesn't seem to matter how far south we go - we just can't escape the drifting!)
Seriously now, this is our Christmas letter to you all.

2008 brought some significant changes for Sandy and I. One major change was my favourite (only, but favourite) son Lyle, graduating from High School. The other was that the many months of planning for a transition of ownership of Olds Electric & Lighting Ltd., to Jeremy and Cindy Tookey became a reality in early September. With Lyle gone to Germany for the better part of a year on his own little adventure, the stage was set for Sandy and I to move in to our motorhome, and set off to explore the open highway. We plan to work more diligently on our website business,, but so far we have been very busy with travelling, visiting, and doing a whole lot of nothing. Since we left the Olds area on September 22, time has really flown by for us. We believe that we are in a transition period, and with that I think comes a bit of a "state of shock". Although we miss our friends and family tremendously, we are having a great time on our new adventure.

To sum up our travels thus far, we went from Olds, to Fernie, to Whitefish Montana, back to Vernon BC, then off to Burnaby, then down the west coast, then to Palm Springs (Indio), over to Mesa AZ, then up to Las Vegas, down to Lake Havasu AZ, then over to Casa Grande AZ, then down to Puerto Penasco Mexico, where we are now at Christmas, and plan to move on further south for a couple of months.

To our family and friends, in lieu of Christmas gifts that we would have purchased for you all had we been with you this holiday season, Sandy and I plan to give gifts to some of the less fortunate people here in Mexico. We haven't found just where the best place to use the donations will be here yet, but when we do, we will be giving either a monetary contribution, or other worthwhile gifts that we see the most urgent need for. We will give the gifts in your names, and will take some pictures of who's lives you made a bit brighter if possible.

We really miss our family and friends, especially at this special time of year. It makes you realize what Christmas is really all about. To all of you, please have a very Merry Christmas, and all the best to you in the New Year! See you all in the spring!

All the best!
Terry, Sandy, Molly, Callie, and Champ!

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