Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey You Hosers – We’re in Bucerias, eh!

Bucerias, as I have said before, is beautiful. And apparently quite a few other Canadians share the same sentiment. Like the ants in our RV Park (and now hiding somewhere in our motor home), the place is crawling with them. British Columbians, Quebecers and Albertans make up the bulk of the Canadian representation, and, this year – make up the bulk of the tourist population.

Quite a few of the local businesses are owned by Canadians who have turned their backs on the harsh climate of their homeland and embraced the Mexican lifestyle. Down in Bucerias Centro, certain areas are known as ‘little Canada’, and the vacationing Canadians flock there to sit in the Canadian-owned restaurants and pubs and watch their favorite hockey team on the big screens.

Our neighbors, Pierre and Helene, gave us a tip on where to find the best pizza in Bucerias. We strolled down to Yo You Mo’s Bar one night, and had probably the best pizza either of us could remember eating. It was so good, we asked the little waitress to send our compliments to the owner. Turns out he is a young fella from Calgary. Nice guy.

We stopped by the local Irish Pub (also, we believe, Canadian owned) one evening to enjoy a ‘pint of Guinness’, only to find that their upstairs games room included a bean bag game, which of course we had to play.

Canadian content aside, we are slowly getting the feel of the place. We finally located the fish market after much wandering around. We picked up a kilo of large camerones for about $10 – which turned out to be about 60 shrimp! We had our neighbors Brenda and Adrian over for a shrimp fest and stuffed ourselves. Beautiful. I suspect we may be eating a lot more shrimp.

We’ve tried a number of the restaurants (all great so far), and are enjoying exploring the area. With 6-8 more weeks ahead of us, we should be very familiar with Bucerias before we leave.

On the downside, we continue to struggle with internet issues. We are trying to get a new account set up that will allow us to access SatMex5 or SatMex 6 (local satellites), but are battling the bureaucracies associated with the changeover process.

Thinking that an air card might be the solution to our problem, we travelled to Puerto Vallarta to set this up at the large Telcel centre. The Telcel representative sold us the air card and appropriate (we hoped) ‘bundle’, assuring us that it should easily handle two months of internet access, and that the only issues would be if we tried to download large files, like a movie. Turns out that Telcel embraces the same customer service philosophy as Telus. For starters, Terry couldn’t get the system working (of course). That cost him another trip back to Puerto Vallarta and countless headaches associated with trying to explain the problems to the Telcel representative.

We finally got things working. However, just two days into it – we received the message ‘insufficiente funds’….. Back to Puerto Vallarta and Telcel. Turns out the promised ‘unlimited minutes’ was bogus. But of course we couldn’t get our money back. Banditos!!

So, for the time being, it’s down to either the local internet café, or to a friendly pub with wireless internet that will permit us access if we consume their beer (mighty white of them). Check out Terry’s new office.

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michelle said...

We have a 40' alfa and were thinking of driving it to Bucerias from KS. We come to Bucerias every winter and rent a home but thought we might try driving. What rv park are you all in? Most of the ones we have seen there are too small or have only 15amp hook ups. Any first hand advice would be good info for us.