Monday, January 19, 2009

“In the Jungle, the Quiet Jungle” …..

We are in a jungle – seriously. The vegetation here is dense and wild. Any undeveloped lots are reclaimed by the growth very quickly. And along with the jungle, comes interesting creatures….

There are many cats roaming the area around us. I don’t know if they are stray, but we hear them howling at night, see them lazing on the roof next door, and watch them prowling through our RV park on a regular basis.

Feeling sorry for them, one night I put out a plate of dry cat food at the rear of the motor home. Later that evening, Terry decided that he would indulge himself with a hot tub (yes, we dragged the portable hot tub all the way down to Mexico and he finally got to put it up). As he was enjoying his soak, he heard something crunching the cat food. He looked over, thinking he’d see one of the neighborhood cats. To his surprise, it wasn’t a cat he saw, but a large rat! They eyed each other up, and the rat casually made his way back into the dense vegetation bordering our park. Therein ended the ‘feeding of the rat’.

On our morning runs, we came across what appeared to be a pack of raccoon-type animals rummaging through the garbage in a lot across the street from a large resort. They don’t seem to be too frightened of us. We’ll go back with our camera one day and snap a picture for posting.
We haven’t seen too many lizards around here, which is surprising. One day, however, we were loading our car following an afternoon at the beach and heard a big ‘plop’, and saw something falling from a nearby tree. Turns out it was a rather large iguana, who hastily retreated up a wall and out of sight.

We also discovered quite quickly that there are fire ants in the RV Park. Fire ants are very, very tiny ants with very, very bad attitudes, and a nasty bite. We were relieved when the park owner sprayed the park for ants, thinking that would end the problem. No such luck. If the environment outside will no longer support them, they simply seek more friendly digs, which turned out to be our motor home and neighboring trailers.

I got up the following morning after the spraying, to find the cat food bowl crawling with ants. It was like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. We sprayed, cleaned, sanitized, etc. and thought we had the problem solved. Again, no such luck. These ants play for keeps. Two days later, I opened the pantry door to find an infestation. Out came everything from the pantry, and the process of spraying and de-bugging began again. Another two days later – the pot lickers were spotted running amuck on our table. Now it was getting personal. We’re getting somewhat tired of their little reign of terror.

Our neighbors from Penticton, Brenda and Adrian, were kind enough to search the internet for ways to stop the ant infestations. The documentation they provided us with placed an emphasis on a ‘green’ approach to insect control. These controls included chalk, boric acid, lemon juice, cooking oil, instant grits, and, finally, ‘talking to the ants ‘and ‘respectfully suggesting that they go elsewhere’. We continue to negotiate….

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