Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amigo Lyle's Excellent Day in Mexico

This blog entry is dedicated to Lyle, who is off in Germany experiencing an adventure of his own.

In a prior blog entry, we reported the purchase of a mascot; someone or something to take the place of absent Lyle while we are in Mexico. We purchased 'Amigo Lyle' in Puerto Vallarta, and the fun began from there. Here's a typical day for 'Amigo Lyle', and one that we imagine Lyle would have enjoyed himself, had he have been with us.

Enjoying a cerveza at the beach (for such a skinny guy he sure can drink the beer)!

This is what it's all about - sun, surf, sand (hey - where's dad and his boat?!)

Might as well 'suit up' for a little boogie-boarding action!

Heading out to test those waves!

Later that night - chattin' it up with the senoritas....

Hangin' with my Flames' fan buddies at the sports bar!
Just a typical day in paradise for Amigo Lyle.

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