Friday, February 20, 2009

Das Boot - Part 'Deux'

(Picture of the gang on the beach - Judy, Joel, Lyle, Aggie, Amanda).

I almost had to print a retraction from my previous posting about 'the boat'. Almost.

A few days ago I gave the beach a miss so I could do a little work on the computer. Terry and boat went down to hang with Gary and his family.

Later that day, Terry came back to the motorhome - almost skipping - and proudly informed me that he and Gary had taken the boat out with no mishaps, AND, had been the envy of all the mexicans! Apparently they were astounded with the boat - thinking it would make a fantastic fishing vessel. He had TWO offers to purchase it.

Of course he was feeling fairly vindicated about the boat. I almost had to eat crow. I began to question (just a little bit), my judgment about the boat. Was I perhaps too rough on Terry? Had I written it off too soon? I decided to be a little more open-minded about the whole situation.

Terry's family arrived on Tuesday, and we have spent a couple of enjoyable beach days since their arrival. Yesterday, Terry decided it was a good time to take out the boat again. So, we hoisted it onto the roof of the car and headed down.

Gary and Joel took the boat out together. Their entry into the water and onto the boat was relatively uneventful. We all watched from the beach, perking up as they moved closer to the shore. It looked like it was going to be a smooth re-entry for them, until Greg interceded. Recognizing the potential for disaster, Joel jumped out of the boat.

Gary, unfortunately, was not so lucky....

(Gary's graceful exit from the boat.)

You just can't pay for that kind of entertainment!

Undaunted, Terry decided to give it a try. Again, no problem with the entry. He paddled out for quite a while. The waves were starting to get a little higher, and the boogie boarders were taking advantage and were out in force. Terry was looking a little nervous.

I could see that he was readying for a break in the waves. He started paddling wildly to get into shore. Interception again! This time, by Doug, a friend of Gary's sister and brother-in-law.

You can see the dramatic results:

So much for my retraction - vindicated!!!

Surprisingly, the boat is still in demand by the Mexicans. We have befriended one of the local beach vendors - Marcelinas, and he will likely be gifted the boat on our departure. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family ....

Marcelinas is a very nice fellow. He sits in a beach chair all day under his umbrella, with his merchandise spread out before him. He calls out to people from his chair, inviting them to 'come and look at his shop'. Gary came up with the idea of providing him with a megaphone (something that Kathy & Kevin sell out of their Dollar Store back at home). Judy and Joel brought it down with them on the plane.

Here's a picture of Marcelinas using his megaphone.

It certainly is entertaining to watch people's reactions as he calls to them from the beach using the megaphone!

We were given a little different treat on the beach yesterday. This gentleman and his dummy was strolling up and down the beach, serenading people along the way. He had the guitar rigged so he could strum one-handed, while his 'dummy' sang. You had to give him props for the uniqueness of his act.

We're planning a whale watching excursion in the next day or so. We have been watching them from the beach with the binoculars, but are dying to see them a little closer.

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