Monday, February 9, 2009

Life in the 'ol RV Park

Apologies for the big break in postings - my computer decided a major 'hiccup' was in order, and we have spent the better part of 4 days trying to see if things can be salvaged.

We have undergone a population explosion in our RV Park over the past week. When we first arrived, it was just us, and our neighbours from Quebec. About a week into our stay, our new buddies Adrian and Brenda (from Penticton, B.C.) arrived.

After their departure, Dell and Angel (from Victoria, B.C.) arrived. Followed by Garnett and Sue from Ontario, and then a few days later, two couples from Saskatchewan.

We were stuffed to the rafters! Luckily, we all get along famously. (Though our neighbours from Quebec - Pierre and Helene - are very friendly, they remain a separate and distinct society within the park.)

Prior to the arrival of the two couples from Saskatchewan, we were given notice that a wedding was scheduled for the rental lot next door to us. We all shuddered upon hearing this, as the sound systems typically used for any event held thus far has been ear-blasting, and the live bands quite hideous.

Terry and I saw a great opportunity to break out the 'Rock Band' (hey - if it was going to be loud anyway...). Gary immediately bought in.

Terry set everything up outside, and we waited. Now, we have learned that functions start late in Mexico, so it wasn't until well after 9:30 that people started arriving next door.

Once the music started in earnest, we commenced 'a rock-banding - Terry on drums, myself and Gary attempting bass and lead guitar. Eventually, Sue and Garnett wandered over and promptly became our official 'groupies'. Angel came over later, and was amazed at our levels of concentration (it took a while until we actually made it through one song).

We played for a while, and decided to take a break and check out things at the wedding. The DJ was actually very good, and was playing many current 'norteamericano' songs. Terry, myself, Gary, Sue and Garnett wandered over.

What did we see - why Dell, looking on from the street and chatting with one of the Mexican guests, jumping wildly and flailing his arms in an attempt to keep up with the dancing taking place at the wedding (apparently he had spent the better part of the day at the pool hall imbibing in a few cerveza).

Just as we were crossing the street, the DJ began playing a rousing rendition of "YMCA'. Upon spying us, Dell started dancing a version of the song that could only best be described as worthy of video capture and posting on Youtube - it was quite indescribable, really. However - in its own weird way, it was also quite magnificent. We of course all cheered and clapped madly. I am sure the Mexicans thought we were nuts.

We hung out for a while, and though invited in, decided to retreat back to our humble RV park, all the while with Dell calling Terry a 'pollo ca-ca' for not joining him.

It was a great night.

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