Friday, February 27, 2009

Party at Casa Los Arcos

Early into the family’s visit, we had all discussed the need to have a big ‘camarone’ (shrimp) feed one evening. The event planning began to balloon into a camarone feast AND a ‘Rock Band’ night, to be held around the pool at Judy/Joel’s rental accommodation. Everyone was in agreement, but no firm date was scheduled.

Last Friday evening, we all headed down to Bucerias Centro for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, and to enjoy the music of a local trio of musicians. The ‘no-name’ band is excellent – they play a great selection of classical rock that had everyone up and dancing. As the evening progressed (and as the flowing alcohol began to kick in), the idea was raised of hiring the band to play at our party. Of course it seemed like a terrific idea – the price was right, and the band was available to play Monday night – the night before Greg’s girlfriend Amanda had to fly back home.

The next day, we all began to wonder if this was such a good idea. A live band would be loud – would the neighbours complain? Would we collectively have enough people to invite to make a live band worthwhile? Could Judy/Joel/Lyle/Agnes et al be kicked out for violation of their rental agreement. Were there any local ordinances that we might be breaking? We began to question our hasty decision.

We bounced back and forth for a day or so. First, the rental property manager was consulted, and she gave the go-ahead. We knew that friends from Olds – Jim and Debbie Crawford, and Tom and Wendy Clark, were staying nearby in Sayulita, so we decided that we would take a quick run up to see them, and invite them to the party. If they would come – it was a go. Gary’s sisters and husbands, friends and any acquaintances that we had met since our arrival were invited. The camarone feast was forfeited and snacks planned instead. Countdown …

So – the band showed up at 8:00, the guests arrived as promised, and the event was a resounding success. Phew!

The band members are great guys – Raul, Javier and Salvador (here's Judy, Greg, Salvador and Javier).
They did an aweseome job of working the crowd - here's Lyle and Aggie 'cutting a rug'.

Even 'Amigo Lyle' was jammin' with the band!
A group of us women claimed the 2nd floor balcony as our personal dance floor and cheering section – even tossing a number of Judy’s donated ‘undies’ down towards the band and into the pool!
Javier was thrilled – he had never experienced this 'Tom Jones' type of fan fervor.
Amanda joined the band to sing a number, and a nearby neighbour even strolled over to sing a few ‘blues’ songs with the band and play harmonica.
Next year – bigger event!

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