Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Beaches Near Bucerias

This is a little backtracking, but I wanted to share some of the road trips we took and some of the activities we participated in while we were staying in Bucieras. When you get busy, you sometimes find it hard to get those blog postings done in a timely manner …..

Let’s start with a few of the nearby beaches that we had the pleasure of visiting. The first is Desaladeris Beach.

Desaladeris Beach is located just north of La Cruz (about 10 minutes outside of Bucerias). It is a beautiful, white sand beach. Unlike the beach at Bahia de Banderas, the sand is very level and great for walking/running. It is not a huge stretch – probably 1-1/2 miles in total length. The waves are good for boogie boarding, and at one end of the beach the waves can be surfer size.

The secret is out on the beach, as there is quite a large development underway. I can see the appeal, as it is one of the nicer beaches and very close to the amenities of Bucerias.

We saw the cutest puppy on the planet one day at the beach. It was about the size of a large caterpillar. His little legs were about ¼ “in length and barely cleared the sand. When the wind blew he tipped over. But he would follow people’s legs with his tail wagging non-stop.

The other interesting thing we saw was the ‘bird whisperer’. This Mexican fellow could control the seagulls. He had them hovering in a flock, and then made them light down in the sand, using only hand movements. It was amazing.

We also were treated to a few great whale sightings from the beach - many spoutings, soundings and breaches.

The other beach has no name. It is just a beach that we discovered on a road trip one day. Located on the back road towards Sayulita, it is off the beaten track on an obscure road that leads to the beach. Like Desaladaris, the beach is approximately 1-1/2 to 2 miles of flat, white sand. There are minimal people, and not a single vendor. There are a number of very nice homes that sit along the hillside overlooking the surf.

One end of the beach was a gathering place for seabirds, which were diving into the water in a frenzy. We could only assume it would be a great snorkelling spot, as there were obviously a lot of fish there. We also saw a lot of little sand crabs.

While the beach at Bucerias was nice, it was fun to check out different beaches in the area.

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