Sunday, March 1, 2009

Isn't it Romantic .....

There's something about getting away to a tropical paradise that stirs the romance in our souls. Is it the beach - the long, sandy shoreline that stretches for miles? Is it the heat - the hot, humid climate that frees us from our winter trappings of boots and parkas and pares us down to shorts and sandals? The heady tropical breeze ripe with the fragrance of bougainvillea? The unbelievable greens of the jungle and riotous colors of tropical flowers? The sexy beat of the Latin dance? The mysterious combination of tequila, salt and lime?

I don't know. But when you mix everything together - you get magic. We reach out to our partners and we walk the beach. We dance. We explore. We drink the exotic elixirs. You just can't help it .....
Enjoying the beach

Exploring the quaint back roads of Bucerias.

Giving in to the 'tropical beat'.

Taking time for those special moments together.

Meeting the sexy Latino ladies!

Even the cats are experiencing an unusual truce.

No one can resist the charm of Mexico!

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