Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Hangin' Out in Mesa

We've been staying in the View Point RV Park in Mesa for a week now. Time has just flown by.

The weather is HOT right now! It's been in the high 20's, low 30's every day. Thankfully, it cools off in the evening. We've been taking advantage of the amenities here in the park - that pool feels great in this heat, and the hot tub is nice when the desert air cools down the evenings.
Terry and I have managed to squeeze a couple of golf games in so far. The first day we golfed, we joined a couple from Ontario - John and Mary. Nice couple, and good golfers. The benefits of golfing all winter shows - they played a beautifully consistent game. Unlike Terry and I who had our share of memorable shots. On the 18th hole, I managed to hit the same tree twice! And that was after 'foot wedging it' just to avoid that very scenario. Ah, but it's a great game.
Today, we golfed with the golf course's ladies' club champion, and her friend from near Winnipeg who is a 9-handicap golfer (Shirley and Ken). Yikes!! This lady normally teed off from the blue tee box - and can out-drive most men. What an amazing golfer. Her game yesterday, she had 5 birdees! Luckily, she was an extremely non-pretentious lady and we had a lot of fun playing with them.
We've been taking in Joel Peterman's ball games. He's playing for Minot State University, and they are down here playing in a tournament. He made his pitching debut the other day. Check out these amazing moves!

The RV Park had a 'St. Patrick's Day' parade on the 17th - here's a few shots of the antique and interesting cars participating in the parade.

We've enjoyed hanging out with Lowell, Nancy and Joceyln this week. Here's a few photos from our supper out at 'Joe's Crab Shack' the other night.

There's a lot of Terry's relatives staying down in the area right now. Karen & Lloyd Knox graciously planned a barbeque for us down at their new place in Casa Grande. We had a great time catching up with everyone, and touring Karen & Lloyd's and Patti and Brian's lovely new homes. Here's a group shot of all the relatives.

We're planning on leaving here Saturday, and will likely make our way back up to Palm Springs for a couple of days. The idea of moving north and out of the heat is a little bit frightening, but we have to be in Vancouver for the beginning of April.
Tomorrow us girls are hittin' the outlet malls (yahoo!), and then meeting up with Greg Thompson, who is in Phoenix after his long bike journey across Mexico. Can't wait to hear the stories.

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