Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mismoloya, Sayulita, San Francisco, Lo de Marcos and Rincon de Guayabitos

A little back tracking of things we did while we were in Bucerias ...

There are a number of smaller resort areas around Bucerias. We were curious to see them, so took a series of road trips to check them out. We didn’t spend much time at any of the places, so these are just a few shots of the places, and initial impressions.


We travelled to Mismoloya with Brenda and Adrian. Mismoloya is located south of Puerto Vallarta. It is home to a number of beautiful beaches, blue water, and some incredible new developments.

It was also the location of the 1964 movie ‘Night of the Iguana’.

We had heard that John Huston, director of the movie, had a restaurant on a cliff in Mismoloya. We tried locating it, and assumed that a couple of parked tour buses were at the location. We got out and ended up on a house tour (turns out the restaurant has been closed for a while now).
We toured a fabulous house perched on the hillside overlooking the ocean. It rented for a mere $4,000/night, but would house 16 of your closest friends and family!

Sayulita is a surf town. Kids come from all over to hit the waves there. You see a lot of young people who winter in Sayulita and then summer in either California or Tofino. You get the picture.

Many of these young people (and the young at heart) tent on the beachfront campground.

I would imagine there are many drum circles in the evening and ‘sun salutes’ and ‘downward facing dog’ yoga moves happening each morning!

The beach is very nice, but waves are definitely high at times.

The first time we drove to Sayulita, the road was a little crazy – congestion, no parking – the usual small town Mexico. The next visit, the road was completely torn up and major repairs underway.

Friends of ours from Olds were staying at a really nice bungalow-style resort for two weeks in February. It is definitely a trendy place to stay.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a smaller town north of Sayulita. The beach there was extremely quiet – but very, very nice.

There was a nice atmosphere about the place. You can see that it is poised for development. It is one of those little secrets that you hate people to discover.

Lo de Marcos

Lo de Marcos is north of San Francisco. It is smaller than Sayulita, but larger than San Francisco. It is home to one of the nicest RV parks in Mexico – the El Refugio. Buddies Adrian and Brenda returned from the south so they could spend a month there.

It has the requisite beautiful beach (same theme, different town). Not much there in terms of amenities however, but has quite a solid group of regulars who winter there.

Rincon de Guayabitos

North of Lo de Marcos, Rincon is the preferred haven for the French Canadian RV crowd. The day we visited Rincon, we were quite shocked by the crowd on the beach. It was something we had not experienced anywhere in all of the places we had visited in Mexico this winter. People, umbrellas, vendors, pelicans, - all jammed on the beach.
The beach itself is probably the nicest of all the smaller communities we had explored, but we could certainly do without the crowd.

We were, however, impressed with the 'Your Dollar Store and More' on wheels that we saw moving slowly down the beach!

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