Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can-USA-Mex-USA-Can-Euro Travels .....

Here it is, 10:15 p.m., we have less than 24-hours before we leave for Germany, and I haven't even STARTED packing ,.. how typical.

Since we arrived in Burnaby, we have been busy shopping for all of those last-minute things we need for our Europe trip, have armed ourselves with International Driving Permits, purchased new SMALL camera, etc., etc. We've also had a chance to spend time visiting with my brothers et. al, so that has been great.

The weather is starting to break here - today was absolutely lovely, and this evening was warm as well. Let's hope that Spring has finally arrived - and I hope that is true for everyone.

It still hasn't quite 'sunk in' that we will be stepping onto a plane tomorrow night and flying across the pond to Germany. Our itinerary has been somewhat 'loose', other than we know that we'll drive south from Bremen and make our way down to Rome, Italy. And of course, we just heard the breaking news tonight about a 6.3 earthquake 90 km north east of Rome. Great.

Ah well, I'm sure all will go well. Now I have to get my packing in order and freak out over those last-minute things that I have inevitably forgotten in my haste. Plus, I have to deal with the horror of transporting the 'three tenors' to the cat hotel tomorrow. Who would suspect that such cute kitties would lose it so badly when they are put in a cage and transported in a car?
I will do my best to post to my blog while we are on the 'Euro' portion of our travels. Frequency will depend upon access to the Internet, and whether I can tear myself out of the pubs with enough time (and sobriety) to write ...>

Gute Nacht! Buonanotte! Bonne nuit!

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