Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Canada Bound .... Into the Snow

Here's a shot of the road into Seattle.

We're presently camped out just south of the border crossing, and will be making our way to the border shortly. The weather here is cool (4 degrees) and wet, AND, we see that there is snow falling in Vancouver... crap.

We've made arrangements to drop our trailer off at an RV storage place just across the border in Surrey, and will either take our motor home there on the way to the airport, or will leave it at my brother's place in Burnaby.

We have booked a site at the Burnaby RV Park, just 5-minutes down from my brother's (we stayed there on the way down). We'll be busy getting things organized for our Europe trip, and must get everything together for our income tax preparation before we go.

The cats will be staying at a fabulous, all-inclusive cat hotel. I haven't broken that news to them yet. And speaking of the cats ...
Molly used up one of her nine lives yesterday. We were pulling in the slides to go (in a hurry of course), when we realized that the rain from outside would soon be dripping all over the inside of the motor home once the slides came in. Terry halted the production, while we quickly grabbed towels and placed them on top of the slide, at the front and back. In the kerfuffle, Molly must have made her way into the hallway without us noticing. Terry put the slide in, when we heard a mournful, muffled 'meow'.

Of course we freaked, and quickly opened the slide back up, fearing the worst. Out she popped - without a mark. Thank god. She is lucky she's so skinny! One more thing to check before we pull in the slides from hereon in.

Here's a picture of Callie, after Molly's 'incident'. Notice how upset and concerned she is.

We're hoping the border crossing is not too difficult. We may have spent a wee bit more than our allotted $1500, so will have to claim the difference. Norm and Jan called yesterday after their border crossing experience, and reported they went through with no problems. They reported spending just over $2000, and were waived on through. The only thing the border guard required them to do was dump all of their fruits and vegetables. We'll make sure we do the same before we get there.

Wish us luck. We certainly don't need any cavity searches at this stage of our lives.

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