Saturday, October 24, 2009

House Hunting and Other Fun Stuff

Remember that face? It’s the ‘wish I had a boat’ look …. shades of Mexico all over again!

We took a motorcycle ride out to Saguaro Lake yesterday. Thus the ‘I wish I had my boat here’ look on Terry’s face. Maybe next year.

The drive out to Saguaro Lake was fantastic – amazing scenery - the desert in all its beauty. Our return trip home found the hills bathed in the incredible light of the setting sun – a sight not to be missed.

We had a late snack at the marina restaurant, and sat outside on the patio with the ‘scavenger’ birds eyeing our food the entire time. We also spotted what I first thought to be a humming bird, then realized was actually some kind of horrific flying bug creature – huge. If that thing would have come within 10-feet of my head, there would have been a screaming scene of monumental proportions. Kathy can identify with that! There are a few creepy things in the desert...

So what have we been up to this week? We have been engaged in the hunt for a house bargain. An enjoyable experience – no. So far, we have toured houses in Glendale, Mesa and Queen Creek, and have taken a drive to tour the area of Maricopa.

And what have we learned? The market varies considerably from area to area. Many of the ‘deals’ turn out to be short sale houses, which our realtor has said can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to close, depending on the whim of the banking institution you are dealing with.

We have also learned that the descriptions realtors use for their house listings can be quite misleading (shocking, isn’t it). For example, check out the remarks on this home that we toured:

“What a charming home! Spacious open floor plan. ….Fantastic master bedroom … Soaring vaulted ceilings … Cozy fireplace in the living room. Extensive use of tile floors throughout. Beautifully landscaped in the front … Sparkling fenced pool in the back…. Lush and green… This one is nice! … Thanks for showing.”

Turned out to be a holy hell horror. Imagine that.

So on continues the search. We’ve seen some beauties, but at prices higher than we had anticipated. We are going to tour a number of homes in Maricopa on Monday, as their market appears to provide more ‘bang’ for the housing buck. A number of people we know have purchased out there for that reason.

Aside from the house hunting, we have managed to fit in a golf game, and Terry participated in the Viewpoint RV Park slow pitch league tryouts. Check out the video of this. Looks like he’ll be playing a little ball while we’re here.

The hiking clubs start their treks in November, so I’ll sign up for a few of those. We haven’t made it to the tennis courts yet, but will wander over there soon. We have made extensive use of the pool and hot tub. It’s cool enough at night that the hot tub feels great, and we have had the place all to ourselves after 10:00 at night.

I’ve signed us up for a ‘ghost tour’ on Halloween night. We’re touring the Hotel San Carlos – reputed to be one of the most haunted places in Arizona. I’ll let you know if we spot anyone/anything ….

The weather has turned more moderate – 30 to 31 degrees. Perfect. Life is good at Viewpoint RV & Golf Resort. The only thing missing is our family and friends! Hint Hint.

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