Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas is ..... a putting green??

Hello from our new 'digs'. We finally moved into the house last Wednesday. While all of the furniture is in place, we continue to gather the 'finishing touches' (pictures, nick knacks, plants, etc.). We are realizing it is a very slow, painful process to bring the 'house to home' project to completion. Very, very, very, very sick of shopping. We are constantly realizing we need to purchase yet another thing for the house.

Our office was a particular joy. We purchased two desks from Staples, and spent - I'm not kidding - 2-1/2 hours putting ONE of them together. And that was with the two of us working together; focused - a team. It took two days before we could brace ourselves to tackle the second desk, which, unfortunately, was even a more arduous experience than the first. Our 'teamwork' quickly unravelled with the second desk, and our communications became peppered with many, many expletives directed at each other and much finger-pointing when things went wrong. The fun never ends .....

The builders here don't seem to incorporate centro vac into their house design, which is unfortunate, so I was forced to go out and purchase a good 'ol vaccum cleaner. With three cats, I wanted to ensure the vacuum I purchased would be able to tackle the ensuing hair that comes with them. I researched, and purchased one that I found on sale during the cyber Monday internet sales. However, the thing weights a ton! It is like pushing a tank around the house. Expect some amazing upper body strength and definition when you next see me.

When all is said and done, we are very happy with the house. Not to leave well enough alone, however, we are having some landscaping done in the backyard. The desert cools down at night, so a hot tub is a necessity (we have our portable hot tub set up for now and are enjoying it nitely). Rather than purchase a stand-alone, we are having one built as an addition to the pool. The tub will include a rock/water feature that flows into the pool. Should be nice when it is completed.

The large 'grassy' area in the back is going (grass is a pain in the butt here - must overseed in the winter or it looks terrible as you can see from the pictures), and will be replaced with a putting green (guess that is what one does down here ... a little compromise on my part ...) and a raised bed(s). We're also adding some palm trees, grasses and indigenous plants near the hot tub, adding landscape lighting, fixing the built-in barbeque, adding a fridge to the outside bar, and matching the stucco on the bar and barbeque to the house. (Yee gads - again - didn't we sell a house and everything we own JUST LAST YEAR ...??)

Here are some pictures of the house. Remember that the yard pictures are 'before' shots, and I'll update you when the landscaping is completed. The landscaper was here yesterday and the pool is now emptied in preparation for the work to begin.

With all of the house hunting, furniture and household shopping, moving in, etc. etc. , Christmas has really fallen by the wayside for us this year. We have made our little attempt at decorating (as you can see by the miniature Christmas tree in our pictures and lighted bamboo plant). As Lyle will be staying in Alberta for Christmas, 'Amigo Lyle' has jumped right in to fill his spot, and has donned festive garb to acknowledge the season (as seen in the slide show).

Terry and I will have a quiet Christmas Eve - we are planning a 'Christmas crab' supper for two. Much to Terry's chagrin, I've conned him into a hike up Camelback Mountain on Christmas morning. This is a short, but steep hike up, with the reward of some amazing views of greater Phoenix.

The weather has been great this past week - not hot, but a very pleasant 20-22 degrees celsius during the day (and it's the first day of winter!). It does cool down in the evening, but nothing a little hot tub won't handle. No white stuff for Christmas!

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Kari said...

The house looks great! Can't wait to visit!