Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hiking on Christmas Day, and Jesus Works on Sunday

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Terry and I decided to go hiking on Christmas Day.

We had originally thought of hiking Camelback Mountain, but decided instead to check out the San Tan Regional Park, which is very close to us.

The park area has a visitor centre and a number of different trails, including one that passes by the graves of two gold miners.

We opted for the San Tan Trail hike, which was approximately 6-miles in distance.
It was a beautiful day, and for the first half of the hike we were by ourselves, with the exception of a few horseback riders.
We had to take a picture of one couple, as they fit so well into the landscape and western flavor of the desert.

The trail was well marked, and a relatively easy hike.
We saw many interesting examples of saguaro cactus along the way.
Check out the mutated cactus and the 'gnarly' cactus!

This afternoon Jesus and friend returned to finish off the putting and chipping green.

They did a great job, and of course Terry and I had to try it out.
The challenge was on to see who could chip the most balls onto the green and stick (more difficult than either of us anticipated), and who could sink the most putts.

A few managed to find their way into the pool, but none over the wall so far!

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