Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus and His Landscaping

Here's a few pictures showing the work that Jesus and the gang did the other day.

In this first picture, you can see the putting green and 'lawn'. Unlike home, that white stuff is sand on top of the putting green at the moment. Jesus and the boys will be spreading it into the grass.

They were just working on that the other day when the wind/rain started, so had to quit. I guess the sand has to be dry before they can work it into the grass.

Here, you can see the little 'chipping' area, where we will skillfully chip our balls over to the putting green.

More realistically, we will be playing a new game of 'how many balls can we NOT launch over the fence onto the street, or NOT slice into the pool'.

The 'grass' for the chipping area will be added today I believe.

Here is the hole they dug for the hot tub/water feature.

If Terry had not caught Jesus' mishap yesterday, this would have been full of water in the picture today.

Here's a visual of the new hot tub in relation to the pool.
As you can see, they removed the bricks around the pool in front of it in anticipation of the work to be done.
To the left of the new hot tub (and behind), is the area where a lot of new 'greenery' will added.
I wanted a few palm trees, some grasses, and whatever Chris the landscaper recommends.
That part of the process won't happen till later in January.
Anyway, that's it so far - after really only a day. Jesus is truly a miracle worker!....
They are supposed to be back this morning, so I'll post any changes later.

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