Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus Messed Up - BIG Time!

And when I say 'Jesus', I mean 'Hay-Soos', the foreman for our backyard landscape job ..... (please, no lightning strikes to my head).

If you remember, in my last post I talked about the landscape work that we had planned for our backyard. Imagine my surprise when, 8:00 a.m. the very next morning, our doorbell rang and I was greeted by five eager Mexicans ready to start the job.

Lead by Jesus, the group immediately began the job of removing the brick surrounding the grassy area in the backyard, followed by digging up ALL of the grass and moving it to a large pile in our front yard.

In no time at all, the remaining soil was levelled, and a putting green and new 'pretend' grass was put in place. Plus, the hole for the hot tub was dug. WOW - talk about impressive! Back home, this would have been a week to 2-week job!

I had to go out for a while, and noted with dismay the large pile of unwanted grass/brick etc. that remained in our front yard. I began to envision nasty notes from our new neighbours, and warning calls from our HOA (Home Owner's Association). To my delight, everything was removed and the area swept clean before the day's end.

They had to cut the day short as a sudden wind/rain storm came in, so there still remains some work to do on the putting green, but I cannot believe the difference. It looks terrific already.

How did Jesus mess up? The underground sprinkler heads were cut off when they lifted the old grass, but not capped off as they should have been. Terry happened to look out later this morning to see water gushing and pooling in the yard. Lucky thing he caught it, as it would have filled the hole dug for the hot tub!

I have no pictures for this post, as we made the decision to golf today, and ran out of daylight. I will post pictures tomorrow so you can see the work accomplished and the transformation of the yard.

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