Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laying Low in Teacapan

It's the end of the day, and as I sit at my computer desk typing up this blog post, I can hear the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline. Very tranquil. That pretty much sums up where we are staying in Teacapan.

The Onac RV park is located at the end of a long, bumpy, winding country road and sits along an amazing stretch of beach - you can walk miles in either direction. It is very quiet - no street traffic here. There are no vendors - you are left alone on the beach. Beautiful. I can see the attraction to wintering here.

We arrived here last night after a very long day of driving. We left San Carlos around 6:30 a.m. It was pre-dawn and the road was foggy. The drive itself was fairly uneventful. We had hoped to make Teacapan before dark, but left Mazatlan as our backup destination in the event we ran out of travel time.

In our haste to get to Teacapan before we lost the daylight, we missed the opportunity to stop at a grocery store, and as we had crossed the border with an almost empty fridge and liquor cabinet, we were hurting for supplies. Bless our buddies' Brenda and Adrian's hearts - after we set up our camp, they fed and 'watered' us (awesome margaritas and some pretty incredible black sambucca), and stocked up our depleted supply of a few essentials.

After a late night of catching up with our friends, we had an equally late morning catching up on sleep. We strolled down to the beach early afternoon, and enjoyed a leisurely day soaking up the sun. We were even treated to a dolphin show - about a dozen dolphins went swimming by our stretch of beach. Terry shot some video of their 'swim-by', but I can't seem to get it to load on this site. Will try again tomorrow.
Later, Adrian drove us into the little town of Teacapan so we could stock up on beer and ice. The town has minimal shopping, so tomorrow we'll drive back to Escuinapa, a larger centre about 30 minutes out of Teacapan, and hit the grocery store.
We caught the beautiful sunset, had our supper, and are calling it an early night. Tomorrow, after our brief shopping excursion, we must do a beach walk, and then Brenda and Adrian are taking us to a local beachside restaurant for giant pina coladas and coconut shrimp. Yum ...

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