Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad Amigos

When we first arrived in Bucerias, the RV Park was empty. We were all by our little lonesomes. Now, the park is full, and we are surrounded by old friends (and one new set). Our buddies from the park last year - Del and Angel, Nick and Connie and Inga and Grant, are back in the park. It's great to see them all.

Del and Angel arrived yesterday, so we invited them to join us for pizza at 'Yo Yo Mo's' - the best pizza place in all the land (really). We were supposed to meet Ken and Joanne, our buddies from Camrose, at the Oasis Pub later that evening to say our farewells, as they were leaving the next day for home. The picture at the start of this blog post is Ken 'panhandling' on the street in Bucerias centro.

After pizza and a few drinks, the sound of live music lured us into Bucerias Gardens, the bar across the street from Yo Yo Mo's. And so it began - one innocent shot of tequila .... followed by another .....

Next thing you know, it's 9:20 a.m. and I am stumbling out of bed to feed the cats who have been staring intently at me for the past two hours. I am fully clothed. My contact lenses are in from the night before. My hair is completely askew - it looks like I have been in a wind tunnel.

I hear a knock at the door, and, thinking it is either Del or Angel, I open the door, only to give poor Mark Unger (a friend from Olds) the fright of his life. Terry remains in a coma until I prod him at 11:20 a.m. We slowly emerge from the motorhome at 1:30, blinking at the bright sunlight.

We can only blame it on 'bad friends' .... Problem is, I am sure they are saying the same of us.

Let's just blame it on the tequila.

Well - the weather finally snapped back to normal, so the sun is shining, the beach is alive with people, and everyone's spirits have lifted. Most of the damage has been cleared/repaired.

When we were on the beach yesterday, we were entertained by a Mexican and his mannequin singing (and very badly) a rendition of 'La Cucaracha'. I tried to capture it on video with my camera, but of course it didn't work. I'm sure he'll be back (we saw him last year as well).
Terry attempted his own variation of the performance. Here's a link to the video clip I posted on Youtube:

I also uploaded the video of the dolphins at the beach in Teacapan - watch it closely to see them.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, and we're hosting a party at our 'casa'. No tequila allowed!!!

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