Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon Weirdness and a Tsunami Warning!!!!

There has to be something legitimate about that full moon thing.  You know – where people ‘go off the rails’, or, where strange people crawl out from whatever rock they normally hide under and inflict their weirdness on the rest of us.

Well – that was last evening.  The moon, while not officially full – was close enough to it that we suffered the oddities that come with it..

After gathering at our place to watch the hockey game, Terry wanted to take the boys (Lyle and Alan) down to Bucerias Gardens (a local watering hole/nightclub in Bucerias) to watch the great resident band.  I convinced Judy to come down for one drink, so that I would have someone to walk home with in case the boys decided to stay later.  Bless her little heart, she agreed.

The boys had ducked out during the 3rd period of the hockey game and went on ahead so they could experience the jubilant Canadian crowd as they cheered on the winning Canadians.  We were to meet up with them later.

As Terry and I made our way down, we met friends Pam, Doug and their daughter just returning home from watching the game at Bucerias Gardens.  They proceeded to fill us in on Pam’s bizarre experience of being physically and verbally attacked by some strange girl while walking down the street.  No real damage done, just very unsettling.

That is unheard of here.  Normally you can walk the streets of Bucerias without fear at any time of day or night.  Mark that as strange experience number one.

Off we go to the bar.  The place is packed.  The band is playing.  Everyone seems to be in a great mood.  The boys are dressed in full ‘Canadiana’, and manage to stir up the crowd with a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Canada’.  All is good.

The night continues.  People start dancing.  Without any real warning, strange things start to happen.  People begin to dance erratically.  One girl is especially bizarre – treating us to her version of a semi pole dance.  The atmosphere begins to get louder and rowdier.  We notice that one table of older gentleman has what we believe to be a couple of ‘paid ladies’ sitting at their table.  Stranger groups of people start streaming in.   It was almost as if everyone had something slipped into their drinks.  Eyes are glazed.  Dancing is spastic.  There was a weird ‘mob mentality’ taking place.  The boys are up and dancing with the ‘cougar crowd’. 

You have to remember that the Bucerias ‘club’ crowd is an older crowd – the average age is 50’ish and upwards.  That makes it especially creepy. 

Finally, the band finishes the last song.  The once nice waitresses and bartenders are yelling at everyone to ‘get out’.  Judy and I happily comply.  The men, however, are not yet done with the evening.  They spend some time chatting with the boys from the band.

As we wait outside the doors, conversing with the friendly little Mexican bouncer, we are accosted by a couple of creepy old men, who invite us to a little ‘after party’ event at their place.  We note that these are the gentlemen who were sitting with the presumed  hookers at the table behind us.  They try to tempt us with offers of tequila that they have in their vehicle.


Disgusted, we finally walk off and head back home, ever on the watch for crazed young women who might attack us.  What a night.  Strange experience number two.

The next morning began quite typically.  We were up and out for a walk to check out a rental property for next year.  We had planned to drive to Sayulita today to watch a surfing competition that was taking place. 

That all changed, however, with news of the earthquake in Chile, and subsequent Tsunami warning.   I had heard helicopters flying overhead in the morning, but didn’t think too much of it.  Then Terry noticed groups of people lining our street, sitting and looking towards the ocean. 

Turns out the Tsunami warning included Mexico.  We hear reports that the military had been clearing people off of the beach.  People were moving to higher ground as they heard the news.

We joined the groups on the street and watched for signs of the Tsunami.  We decided that skipping the beach might be prudent. Fortunately, we saw nothing out of the ordinary as far as waves go, but this certainly gave us all pause.

Strange event number three.  Let’s hope that’s it!!

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