Saturday, February 13, 2010

Proud Canadians in Bucerias

Of course we couldn't let the Olympics pass us by!!

Every day on the beach, the henna tattoo vendors walk by, hoping to entice us into sporting one of their stereotypical tattoos. Proud Canadians that we are, we came up with the idea of creating our own design to acknowledge Canada's 2010 Olympic efforts. Terry whipped up the design on his computer - incorporating a well-known 'soft-drink' chant ....

Eight of us bought into the idea, so yesterday afternoon we had our little tattoo artist 'tat' us all up.

Here's the group shot:

And one of our vendor. We're hoping to start a trend and get his business booming.

A bunch of us gathered at our place last night to watch the opening ceremonies. Now - GO CANADA GO!!!!

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Tigurius said...

I hope you went to Bucerias Tattoos, it's the only clean tattoo shop in the entire area... and it's owned by a very respectable Canadian artist who's also known to be one of the only clean sterile shops there...