Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Stunning Display of Celestial Bodies in Yo Yo Mo's Bar!

Who would have thunk it?

Here we were this evening, a group of eager Canadians gathered at Yo Yo Mo's bar to cheer on our Canadian hockey team as they took on the Americans.  To my surprise, I happened to glance over and was treated to an up close and personal view of a full moon - the likes of which I have never seen before ......

As the night wore on, I was beginning to believe we might even be treated to a rare glimpse of Uranus ....

Ewwww.  So much for 'heavenly bodies'!

It was amazing to see all of the bars packed with Canadian (and just a few American) patriots, eager to cheer on their teams.  There was not a seat to be had in the house.  Too bad the outcome wasn't what we had hoped it to be.

Terry, Judy, Gary and I had the opportunity to golf again this year.  We enjoyed a fabulous round at the Vista Vallarta Golf Course yesterday.  It was a perfect day for golf, and the course was in great shape.  It's set back in the Puerto Vallarta hillside, so very lush and green - particularly with the unusually rainy weather of late.  You are treated to some incredible views of the ocean and resort areas at various points along the course.

A round of golf will set you back $198/person.  Too rich for our blood, but fortunately a friend of Gary's had golf passes that he couldn't use, so he passed them on to us.  Thanks Dwayne!!

Terry and I took the motorcycle out for a ride the other day.  We headed east, up into the hillsides out of Bucerias.  The road was under construction last year, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was in fantastic shape.  We enjoyed a great ride, until we came to the literal 'end of the road'. Only in Mexico!

Part of the reason for our ride was to locate an RV Park that we had heard about.  We weren't exactly sure of its whereabouts, so did a little 'back and forth'ing' at a site we guessed it to be.  On our second pass, a man walked out and asked us if we were lost.  Turns out he was the owner of the RV Park, and - small world - hailed from Innisfail!  He and his wife sold their businesses four years ago, bought the property and now live there year round.  He invited us in for a beer and we had a great visit.

Judy and Joel, Jeff and Kim, Terry and I enjoyed a lovely Valentine's day supper at an interesting restaurant by the name of 'Eva's Brickhouse'.  We were a little apprehensive about the place, but ended up having a really great 4-course meal.

English language Valentine's cards are not to be found in Bucerias, so I received a spanish card from Terry.   Curious, Terry translated the card using Google Translator.  Here's the translation:

"All I need is your sweet hug to sleep, your smile upon awakening, 
and the promise to take your love until it has exhausted my days on earth."

Those romantic little Mexicans!

The weather seems to have smartened up finally, so we're back to enjoying afternoons on the beach.  Never one to rough it, Terry decided that it would be nice to enjoy a frosty margarita while sitting in the hot sun.  So down to the beach he hauls a blender, tequila, margarita mix and ice.  But how to blend it up?  Why - with the generator he also carried down!  Needless to say, we attracted a little attention from our fellow beach goers.

We're off to Punta de Mita tomorrow.  Kim and Terry might attempt some surfing lessons, which should be entertaining for Judy, Jeff and I!  We'll be cheering them on from the beach.

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