Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Were YOU When Canada Won the Gold Medal?

Yes, that's us holding an Olympic torch!  This picture was taken minutes after Team Canada won the gold medal in Olympic Men's hockey.

We all gathered at Yo Yo Mo's Sports Bar to watch big event.  You had to be there hours before the game in order to get seats.  The place was packed.  The crowd was primarily Canadians, with a few Americans peppered throughout.  Canadian flags, banners and t-shirts adorned the bar.

And the win was especially sweet.

Needless to say, the Canadians went wild.  A woman staying in a high rise condo near Bucerias centro later reported that, when Canada scored the winning goal, the cheers coming from all of the bars in the downtown area was incredible.

As everyone was screaming, yelling, hugging, kissing, and giving out the high fives, a congo line of people came running through with one of the Olympic torches.  We heard that one of the owners of Bucerias Gardens had been a torch bearer, and brought the torch down with them to Bucerias.  Of course everyone wanted to pose with it.

It was never so obvious that the majority of tourists staying in Bucerias are Canadians - and very proud ones.

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