Friday, April 2, 2010

Off On Our BIG Adventure - Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Tomorrow morning we leave for Tortolla, in the British Virgin Islands.  We fly from Phoenix to Miami, Miami to San Juan Puerto Rico, and then to Tortolla.  The flight schedule is a little hairy - minimal time between flights (one hour from when we land in Miami to when we board the next flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico).  Being quite concerned that luggage would not make the transfers with such tight schedules, we're packing light and praying that we will only require bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts for the duration of the trip. 

The next morning we board our chartered Lavezzi 40 Catamaran, and embarch on a 7-day sailing excursion around the British Virgin Islands.

We're sailing with our buddies from Olds, Mark & Roberta Hammer, and Mary and Steven Turner.  This is a 'bareboat charter', so we will be operating as our own crew, with Steve at the helm as our able captain.

I plan on taking a TON of pictures, and hopefully some decent video.  We return on the evening of April 11th.  Stay tuned - the story will follow.

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