Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 2 – Friday, June 4, 2010 Montague Harbour to Silva Bay, on Gabriola Island

We woke to light rain.

Montague Bay Harbour is home to an old island ferry that had been converted to a floating bakery – how cool is that!  Our sailing buddies were very familiar with the wonderful baked goods produced by this unique bakery. 
Terry and I sputtered and puttered over to check out our crab trap.  Success!  Unfortunately, we’d bagged only one small female rock crab.  She put up a terrific fight, but Terry pulled her out from the trap and dropped her back into the deep.  Turns out it was a miracle we had even one crab venture into the trap, as it was actually a prawn trap.  Thought it looked kind of funny for a crab trap.

Off to the bakery!  We were under explicit instructions from the crew to pick up some fresh cinnamon buns.  Everything looked and smelled wonderful.  I couldn’t resist picking up a fresh pie for tonight’s desert.

Back on board, we headed out and sailed to Silva Bay, Gabriola Island, where we docked at the Government dock.

It was a beautiful evening – lovely soft light reflected against the boats moored nearby.  We sat on the deck of the boat and enjoyed a scenic happy hour, watched over closely by an eagle perched on a tree across from us on a nearby island.

Later we strolled up to the store, and watched some miniature boat races from the dock.  We also enjoyed our first hot shower for the paltry sum of $4.00.  I learned a valuable sailing trip lesson – bring many loonies and toonies for the pay showers!

We watched as boat after boat began to pull in, some returning with catches of large salmon.  Turns out there was a fishing regatta taking place that weekend.   Drooling over the beautiful salmon, us ladies discussed ways of convincing one of the fishermen into sending a fish our way.

After a great bbq steak dinner, we all hunkered down to watch a movie (now that's sailing!) and called it a night.

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