Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 3 – Saturday, June 5, 2010 Silva Bay to Secret Cove, near Sechelt along the Sunshine Coast

Up to a beautiful day. We headed out across the Georgia Strait to our destination of Secret Cove Marina, which is located  near Sechelt, along the Sunshine Coast.

With the big open water came wind, so we were finally able to move under sail.  As we were sailing through Welcome Passage, Al spotted a pod of killer whales.  We all immediately scrambled to view them from the deck, madly snapping photos.  There was an initial pod of 4 adults with 2 babies, followed by a large male.  Just behind them and further across the Passage was another pair of adults.  It was a rare privilege to see them, as neither of the two couples had ever seen whales on any of their numerous sailing trips in prior years.

We docked at the Government docks.  Plans for the evening included a visit with some friends of Al & Jeanie, Carol and Brian who had moved from Alberta to Sechelt.  Upon further discussion, the friends turned out to be our lawyer from Olds.  Lois had purchased a practice in Sechelt.  Happy coincidence.

Lois showed up at the dock, not knowing that the third couple in the sailing party included Terry and I.  She was sufficiently set up to presume the worst of the ‘odd couple’ in the party, and was quite surprised (and I’m sure relieved) to see us, instead of the ‘drunken, fighting cousins of Jeannie’ that she had been led to believe were part of the group.

We sat out on the deck of the boat enjoying the beautiful afternoon sun and caught up over cocktails.  As we were visiting, we noticed that a number of crows in the trees along the beach were raising quite a ruckus over something.  On closer inspection, we spotted a young raccoon, which was the target of their attention.

The young raccoon cautiously made his way along the deck, climbing into the docked fishing boats to see if there was anything to scavenge.

We had a lovely dinner at Lois and Barry’s beautiful home overlooking the water.

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