Saturday, September 25, 2010

FINALLY!!! The Story of Our West Coast Sailing Trip

So ..... my last posting was some time ago.  I had long ago promised to tell the story of our West Coast sailing trip, but life got a little busy for us.  Summer has since passed us by, and we are now a mere week and a half away from leaving Alberta and heading south to our Arizona home.  

If you don't mind reading a little "history", I did manage to pull together the time lines and pictures of our sailing trip, and will share the story over a number of postings.  Stay tuned!  Let's commence with "Day One":

Day 1 – Thursday, June 3, 2010
Sidney Harbour to Montague Harbour, Galiano Island
On Thursday morning Terry and I drove to Sidney Harbour and met up with our crew mates:  Al and Jeannie Ladd, and new friends Carol and Brian Koole – all from Innisfail and area.  The two couples had sailed together on a number of trips so were old sailing hands.  Our boat was a 38-foot Bavaria mono-hull sailboat.

After loading all of our luggage into the boat, us women drove into Sidney so we could hit a grocery store and provision the boat for the bulk of our meals.  The men went were charged with procuring the necessary alcoholic beverages for the trip.

We loaded all of the food and necessary alcohol into the boat, and waited for the boat rental representative who was supposed to be coming to provide the men with the obligatory boat orientation.  Of course he was late, and during the course of the orientation, became aware that the boat’s GPS system was not operating.  This resulted in us changing boats and a subsequent delay while they readied another for the exchange.

The good news was that we ended up with a larger boat – a 40’ Bavaria instead – the Wind Fall, which proudly flew the German Flag.

We ended up leaving the Sidney Harbour around 3:00 p.m.under motor, and made our way to Montague Harbour, a beautiful little bay that is located on the South end of Galiano Island.  We located a mooring ball and set ourselves up for the night.

We barbequed out on the deck of the boat and enjoyed a fabulous feast, topped off with a ceremonial toast for our journey.

The boys worked at readying our tender boat so we could use it as our run-around.  However, once the motor was lifted, it began to literally pour gasoline out all over the deck of the boat and all over the men.  Much cursing and expletives.  With the motor in place and started, it soon became apparent that it ran like a piece of crap. 

On board the sailboat was a trap that we assumed was for crabbing.  In anticipation of this, both Terry and I had purchased fishing licenses on-line, so we could legally ‘test the waters’ for crabs while on our journey.  However, upon closer inspection, we began to wonder if the trap was indeed a crab trap.  Undaunted, we baited it with the remains of our barbequed salmon dinner and Terry and Al set out in the tender to drop the trap.

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