Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploring San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico!

LONG time no post .....

For those of you wondering why the long lapse between postings, I made the decision that, as we have been primarily "stationed" between our home at Carefree Resort in Alberta (mid-June to mid-October), our house in San Tan Valley, Arizona (mid-October to mid-April), and RVing/boating on Vancouver Island (mid-April - early June), and not doing a lot of road/day tripping, that I would suspend my travel blogging.  Too many uneventful days to write about.

However ...

Yesterday we made a last minute decision to take a short (10-day) trip to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.  Buddies of ours are traveling down there and kindly invited us to stay with them.  We took them up on the offer, and are looking forward to exploring an area of Mexico that we have never traveled to.

This also gives us the chance to spend some time with other good friends of ours who have made the decision to live fulltime down there. We'd like to see just what Cabo has to offer.  Is it a potential retirement locale for us or just a vacation getaway?

I'll try to post frequently, will take a lot of pictures and video and do as much exploring as possible.  We're looking forward to views of the Sea of Cortez, whale watching, Mexican food, and of course the margaritas!

Stay tuned.  We arrive Friday, February 10th.

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