Monday, April 2, 2012

Hiking the San Tan Mountains

When we bought our place in Carefree Resort at Glennifer Lake, Alberta, one of the clinchers for us was the access to the terrific trail system that wound along the waterway through the resort.  We have made much use of this trail and appreciate the scenery as the trees along it change from summer green to stunningly beautiful fall colors.

The same thing is holding true for our winter home in the San Tan Valley of Arizona.  We are an incredible 10 minutes away from the most amazing hiking trails that are located in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

With over 10,000 acres of Sonoran desert landscape, the park trails offer a multitude of options in terms of trail length, difficulty and elevation gain.  There are virtually hikes for people of all ages and abilities.  The popularity of this park is a testament to this.

We have hiked and run the trails of the park for the past three years.  Any time we have company we include a hike as a "must do" activity.  It has been the gathering place of family and friends, and we've all enjoyed the time exploring the beauty of the desert - both during the day as well as participating in the park's popular full moon hike.

I wanted to share the experience with you, so put together a short video from our hike yesterday along the San Tan Trail, a 6+ mile hike that gives you panoramic views of the valley, the scenic ridges and the Saguaro forest.  Enjoy - and next time you're in the Phoenix area plan on taking in some incredible hiking.

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