Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Chillin' in Puerto Penasco

As I was writing this, it was Sunday morning, and life at the Playa Bonita RV park here in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, is peaceful.  The view to my right is endless sparkling blue water.  The view to my left is endless dunes of sand.  There is a quiet busyness all around.  Industrious Mexicans by the score are hard at work washing RVs and vehicles of every size and make.  All in all it's just plain nice.

While I pecked away at the computer, Terry washed our SUV.  He was silently eyed up by the nearby Mexicans busy at work, and you could see the united wonder at why he would tackle this job himself.  Loco Gringo.  However, he quickly redeemed himself when he began negotiations on a paint job for our motorhome.  

We last stayed in Puerto Penasco in December, 2008.  It served as the launching point of our first Mexican RVing experiences.  I remember being a little frightened initially, not knowing what to expect of camping in Mexico.  How safe it would be.  What amenities there were.

The park was very busy then, as we stayed over the Christmas holidays. I was quickly impressed with the beauty of the beach, the low key, easygoing lifestyle, and the fabulous seafood that was literally delivered to your doorstep.  However, our time here was short, and the weather was not perfect, so we didn't venture out too much and were unable to get a real feel for Puerto Penasco and area.  I was happy to return and delve a little more into this area.

There is a strong contingency of "Norte-Americano regulars", who come down to Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point, at various times of the year.  Right now the RV park is at about 25% occupancy, and a number of these regular are still here.  Many will return home in May.  A few people live here year round.  Some of these regulars have been coming to Rocky Point for over 30 years.  They are an invaluable resource, as they are more than happy to share with you the best places to eat, shop, fish and more.  They know who is the most qualified local when it comes to painting or repairing your rig, and who to purchase shrimp from at the best price (it cost us $8.00 for a pound of fabulous shrimp that fed the two of us amply). 

The beach out front of the park is lovely, and stretches out for miles in either direction.  Perfect for walking, running and beachcombing.  It is particularly nice when the tide is out, and the area is known for its impressive tidal swings.

Sunday is a very popular beach day with locals.  Families and groups of young people fill the beach at one end of the bay, and there are many shopping stalls, seafood kiosks and the odd mariachi band or two.  Even the horses are laid back on Sunday.

The weather here initially has been a bit shaky.  While it has been in the low to mid 20's, the wind we experienced in December, 2008 returned for a few nights.  One night it blew and rocked the motorhome violently.  I felt extremely sorry for the two groups camping in a tiny Boler trailer and a tent trailer.  We are parked off the water, and if our 40' rig was shaking I can only imagine the experience they went through parking right along the waterfront.

This too shall pass, and we are expecting hot weather ahead.  Our plans are to visit Cholla Bay, El Golfo de Santa Clara, and the Pinacate Reserve and Biosphere.  Terry would like to try scuba diving down here, and I'm hoping that we can visit Bird Island to do so, where I will attempt to snorkel with the seals and sea lions. We'll be golfing at the Peninsula Golf Course later this week with friends who are coming down, and plan to get in a few more rounds at other courses nearby.

 We've tried a few restaurants and seaside bars, and will continue to do so.   All have been great so far.

A month will pass quickly.  I'll keep you posted.

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